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to the Spiritual Truth Foundation website. This charity holds the copyright to Silver Birch teachings and Maurice Barbanell writings.

No man can set aside the channels where the power of the spirit shall flow. The power of the spirit cannot be regimented; it cannot answer to dictation; it cannot be restricted; it cannot be confined to any instrument.

Matter is inferior; spirit is superior. Matter lives only because it is the reflection of the spirit.

When Silver Birch was asked if the spirit world is as natural to the spiritual senses as the physical world is to our present senses Silver Birch replied - Far more, for the Spirit World IS reality. You are at present prisoners, hampered by the material body by which you are restricted on all sides. You are only expressing a very small portion of your real selves in the material world.

Our allegiance is not to a Creed,not to a book, not to a Church,but to the Great Spirit of life and His eternal natural laws.

Silver Birch Teachings strive always to reveal the religious significance of spiritual truth, for when the world understands its spiritual import, there will be a revolution mightier than all the revolutions of war and blood. It will be a revolution of the soul and, all over the world, people will claim their due - the right to enjoy to the full the liberties of the spirit. away will go every restriction which has put fetters on them.

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